Managing Access To Your Event In The Event App

How to add attendees, invite guests or attendees and how to manage event registration with HostEvent app?

How to add guest or chief guest, speakers to the event who do not need to pay for paid events.

Manage Access in Registration Screen

How to add new tickets for paid events?

Create ticket slabs.

Manage ticket pricing and slabs
Ticket slabs/categories could be platinum, gold and silver. You can customize names of ticket slabs.
Set date and time for tickets to be active.
If you want to add early bird registration discount, you can add that slab and set date and time.

Adding Ticket

Add Ticket Slabs

Registration through code:
If you have selected “Verification” through code for attendees to join the event.
When attendees/guests will register, it will ask them for a “code” to register.
Add code that attendees can use to register into the event on app.
To track categories and marketing efforts, you can create different codes, so you know through which channel attendees joined.

Add Code / Password for Attendees to Join An Event

How to invite guests/attendees with the email?

How to enable/manage registration verification through the email?

Download the sample Excel file to upload.
Upload the csv file with your list of attendees.
Once the list is updated, click on “Invite All” to send invitations to all.
When you add attendees and upload the Excel file again, you can click on “Invite Pending Only” to send invitation to pending/new added attendees.
Add invitee – add an attendee/guest by name and email, one by one.
Once you add new name to the invitee list, click on “Invite Pending Only” to invite new added attendees.

Add/Invite Users/Attendees For The Invite Only Type of Events
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